Air Charter Solutions & Services

Looking to deliver a massive shipment or one that requires extreme safety measures ?

We secure a full private aircraft freighter to only deliver your goods.

Ultra Logistic has the management experience and the crew’s expertise that enables us to offer such a high-level service, with a wide range of air charter solutions to move your cargo anywhere anytime across the globe.

Why choose Ultra Logistic Air charter service?

  • Our service is comprehensive from the time of receiving your request to the time of delivery at the destination and all between.

  • Timely service

    We never accept delays. We will handle your request professionally almost instantly

  • Proven quality

    Companies around the globe trust Ultra Logistic because of our many years of experience in the field of logistics services.

  • Tailored solution

    Whether you need to fully occupy the plane/ship or a dedicated part of it, we can offer you the best solution

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